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Each of our sterling silver charms supports a cause telling stories of how we help others

What story do I want to tell with my “Tell my Story”™ charm bracelet and charms


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Our vision is simple

"Cultivate the world's social good capacity"

Giving back is in our DNA 

Minimum of 20% of Charms’ price is invested in social good causes

My charms Tell My Story of...

I love pink and purple and think our school’s dolphin mascot is cute. My school’s PTA is supported by the sales of these charms. I’m also proud of my Sabona charms they help educate a girl my age. 

My bracelet helps Tell My Story of...

how my charms support life saving operations and the can of food would let you know it delivers over 50 lbs of food to those in need. 


If my charms had a voice they would Tell My Story

of the anatomical heart providing a lifesaving organ transplant. and of educating girls in Africa, in doing so I help change her life by also providing lifesaving medicine and a daily meal.  Additionally her village has installed a new well for fresh water.

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