Choose my Zeta Tau Alpha Bracelet and Pick any 3 Charms -$200


Save up to 50% off regular pricing with this Tell My Story™ starter package with 3 Zeta Tau Alpha Charms and a choice of bracelet.

My bundle will have an ZETA TAU ALPHA bracelet in either Black or Turquoise Greek letters on clasp.

First Pick your Zeta Tau Alpha Tell My Story™ bracelet – Choose either the Turquoise or Black Zeta Tau Alpha Greek letter bracelet.

Then start your Tell My Story™ by picking any three Zeta Tau Alpha Charms (duplicate charms allowed). Keep the three charms for yourself, or share with friends.

The only charms that are included with this purchase are the three charms selected by the purchaser – charms in picture are for illustrative purposes only.


  1. Pick bracelet size  (18cm is approx 7 inches), (20cm is approx 8 inches), (22cm is approx 9 inches).
  2. Pick bracelet Greek letters color (Turquoise or Black)
  3. Add to cart button will then appear
  4. Don’t forget to pick my 3 Zeta Tau Alpha charms (SocialGoodJewlery will contact me if I forgot to pick 3)

Choose 3 charms from the Alpha chi omega charm Collection below

Lyre Shaped Charm with CZ Stones

Black Lyre Circular Disk Charm

Color Lyre Circular Disk Charm

Province day 2019 etched on sphere charm – Black

Province day 2019 etched on sphere charm – Red


Purple Cause Ribbon

Pink Cause Ribbon

Greek Letters in Black

Greek Letters in Red

Real Strong Women etched on sphere charm – Black

Real Strong Women etched on sphere charm – Red

Alpha Chi Omega etched on sphere charm


18cm, 20cm, 22cm


Black, Turquoise

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